Work Wise week highlighting the perks of cycling to work

AA claims motorists are turning to cycling

Motorist’s association, the AA, has outlined that it expects people to drop their car useage in favour of cycling to work.

The news comes on Commute Smart Week’s third themed day, which highlights the benefits of cycling to employers and employees.

The week, organised by Work Wise UK, shows how smarter working and commuting, such as staggering work journeys, home working, cycling and walking, can cut emissions, congestion and travel costs, boosting business and quality of life.

According to a AA survey of 18,500 members, around 18 per cent of motorists cycle at least once per month. This figure is closer to 24 per cent in East Anglia – the highest figure in the UK.

The least active motorists, who cycle once or twice a year or less, are said to be Northern Ireland at 88 per cent, and Wales at 87 per cent with Scotland, Central and West Midlands, North West and Yorkshire and Humberside all at 85 per cent.

The survey also highlights that males are far more likely to cycle, with 21 per cent of those surveyed claiming they cycle at least once a month. Just 12 per cent of women claim to cycle once per month. 76 per cent of the over 65s say they never cycle.

Edmund King, AA President, said: "With fuel prices at record levels, we expect to see more people getting on their bikes for some trips – though it is clear from these findings that topography, the weather, age and sex may play a major role in who chooses to cycle.

"Car drivers need to think more about cyclists and not open car doors without looking or turn left without checking for a bike on the inside. Cyclists have to stop running red lights and avoid the temptation to cycle on pavements or up one way streets.

"To encourage cycling we need to see more comprehensive cycle lanes, secure cycle parking, shower facilities at work and more cycle training.“

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