Now in stock at Windwave. Pads resist corrosion and heat build up

A2Z disc pads get ceramic coating at no extra cost

A2Z pads with a new CPC ceramic coating have just landed with Windwave.

At no extra cost, the braking specialist has added the coating to its disc pad line, bolstering performance thanks to the pad’s massive heat-resistance claims.

CPC is a thin ceramic coating applied to the pads backing plate to help prevent heat build up. In tests the CPC brake pad can reduce heat transfer to the calliper by 60 degrees compared to standard brake pads. This vastly slims the chances of encountering brake boil and fade under heavy use.

The CPC coating can withstand temperatures from -160 to 1,650 degrees without damage. Furthermore, the material tends to reflect heat, thereby improving brake performance and extending the life of your braking system. Brake pads with CPC are also better able to resist corrosion and degradation caused by environmental factors and frequent use.

An organic compound, costing £12.95 per set, is available alongside a sintered pad set at £15.95.

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