Cycle to Work Alliance survey points to wellbeing and increased productivity as cycling for transport side affects

86% of Cycle to Work users ”feel health benefits”

A new survey by members of the Cycle to Work Alliance has brought to light some interesting revelations about perceived wellbeing and productivity after a cycle to the office.

Perhaps most interesting of all is the new blood the scheme claims to bring to cycling, with 62 per cent of the 13,148 employees stating the were non or occasional cyclists before signing up.

Steve Edgell, who recently told BikeBiz of some stellar growth for his trio of businesses, one of which is C2W facilitator Cycle Solutions, said: “Both employers and employees recognise the contribution that the Cycle to Work scheme makes to employee health. With companies increasingly aware of the importance of developing a workplace that promotes employee wellbeing and health, it is clear that from a business perspective, the scheme is making a big contribution in these areas.

“This research also shows that by making physical activity an integral part of people’s lifestyles, the scheme is an effective mechanism for encouraging non and novice cyclists to cycle regularly, and achieving a step-change in behaviour.

“As well as supporting the objectives of businesses, it is clear that the cycle to work scheme is a key mechanism for delivering on the Government’s public health objectives and its specific aim to double the number of journeys made bicycle. The Alliance is obviously delighted in the part it can play in driving these positive behaviours.”

The survey revealed that:

  • 86% of employees believe that cycling to work has led to health benefits.
  • Of those who had noticed health benefits, 89% believed that it had improved general fitness; 52% believed that it had contributed to weight loss; and 46% believed that it had contributed to them being less stressed.
  • 77% of employers consider that the scheme has had a positive impact on their organisation in relation to employee health.
  • Over half of employers (56%) identified improving staff wellbeing as the main motivator for offering the scheme.
  • 60% of employees participating in the scheme believe that cycling to work has improved their productivity at work.
  • 52% of employers agree that the scheme plays an important role in staff engagement, emphasising the wider benefits to the workplace.
  • Having joined the scheme 79% of users described themselves as enthusiastic cyclists.

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