7Mesh joins Gore Bikewear and Castelli in use of the super-thin Gore-Tex Active fabric.

7Mesh unveil ultra-lightweight Gore-Tex jacket at Eurobike

Canadian cycle apparel brand 7Mesh is one of a limited number of companies now using the new Gore-Tex Active fabric. This is a breathable, “shake dry” ultra-thin waterproof fabric, and was first licensed to Gore Bikewear and Castelli for the bike market.

Gore is at Eurobike with its second generation jacket using the Gore-Tex fabric, the GTX ShakeDry, and this weighs 98 grams for the small size. 7mesh claims its Oro jacket weighs 97 grams for the large size, and Ian Martin, 7mesh’s VP of R&D (pictured) said the prototype shown at Eurobike weighs 95 grams but another 2 grams may “sneak in” to the design before it reaches the market.

The Gore-Text Active dispenses with a face fabric in favour of a permanent beading surface. Martin said the fabric is so revolutionary it cannot be used with standard jacket designs but has to have design features and manufacturing techniques specific to Active, such as intricate patterning to reduce seam bulk, a directly laminated zipper, and a welded hem edge.

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