60-year old upgrade in the works for cycle and pedestrian tunnel

£6m improvements planned for Tyne tunnel

Tyne’s pedestrian and cycle tunnels are set to receive £6 million for improvements, pending the say so of the Tyne and Wear tranpsort authority, according to Journallive.co.uk.

The tunnels, created almost 60 years ago, have seen a rise in the number of users. Last year 244,615 cycled or walked in the facility, almost 50,000 more than used it a decade ago. Despite the growing figures, a recent survey revealed that there is ‘widespread ignorance’ of the existence of the tunnels.

£500,000 had already been allocated to upgrade the vertical lifts. The proposed £6m upgrade will be put to the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority later this week.

Improvements planned include the replacement of an excalator on each bank of the river by a ‘reclining’ lift, and improved signage integrated with the Metro system to draw attention to the Tyne tunnel.

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