Around 90 per cent of the UK's population tuned into the event where Team GB won 65 medals

51.9 million watched London 2012 Olympics

The BBC has said that the London 2012 Olympics had the largest TV audience since the pre-digital age.

51.9million, or nine in ten, watched at least 15 minutes of the Olympics.

How does London 2012 measure up to other TV events? Previously the 2002 football World Cup saw 81 per cent of the population tune in to at least 15 minutes of the event. Earlier this year 69 per cent took to their telly to watch coverage of the Queen’s diamond jubilee (source: Guardian).

Team GB scored 65 medals (29 gold, 17 silver, 19 bronze) well beating the Team’s Beijing haul of 47 and leaving GB third in the overall medals table behind the USA and China.

Some handy stats from reveal that four cycling world records were made at London 2012 (two in Beijing 2008).

Four billion global viewers tuned in to the event.

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