Sadly yet more reports of bike crime hitting retailers. Trade urged to be on the look out

50 Cycles hit twice by bike thieves in a week

Kalkhoff importer and retailer 50Cycles has had a double share of misfortune with over 20 bikes stolen over two separate incidents.

At the start of the month a lorry containing a fresh shipment of Kalkhoff bikes was broken into. 23 bikes were stolen from the shipment from Germany in East Anglia from a total of 55 bikes.

The following day a Kalkhoff Sahel Compact was stolen from the shop whilst it was still open.

The trade is urged to be on the look out for the bikes, which are likely on the second hand bike circuit.

Store manager Anthony Douglas told BikeBiz: "The Kalkhoff Sahel Compact was stolen without keys, and without a battery charger. Anyone wishing to buy a charger and replacement keys from 50cycles will have to have proof of ownership before they are provided with one. It was stolen from our Bristol showroom, by two people caught on CCTV. It was one of our demo-bikes, and had just returned from being out hence why it wasn’t locked up. The thieves were in and out of the shop in ten seconds."

If you have any information or leads please contact or call 0333 900 5050

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