Early bird London cyclists become members of scheme ahead of Friday launch

4,500 sign up for Barclays Cycle Hire

Over 4,500 people have already signed up to use the new Barclays Cycle Hire scheme in London.

Sign up to become a ‘member’ of the scheme launched on Friday morning (July 23rd), giving early bird customers first access to the scheme (from Friday July 30th) weeks before hire is available to casual users.

Those wishing to use the scheme are being urged to sign up as soon as possible, in order that they receive their electronic key in time for the Friday launch.

A membership key costs £3 with access costs at £1 for 24 hour membership, £5 for seven days and £45 for annual access.

TfL has also launched a safety video, covering a ‘code of conduct’ for the scheme at www.youtube.com/user/BarclaysCycle.

“I’m thrilled that in the first few days of registration over 3,500* Londoners have already signed up for their very own keys to the city, in the guise of Barclays Cycle Hire membership," enthused Mayor of London Boris Johnson. "And I hope thousands more will sign up ahead of launch day next Friday.

“For as little as 12p a day, members of this fantastic new addition to our transport system will have the freedom of central London. This scheme is set to become a new icon of the Capital and will enable thousands more people to cycle in our magnificent city.”

TfL’s MD of Surface Transport David Brown said: “Barclays Cycle Hire will revolutionise how we get around central London. Building on the experience of other cities who have launched similar schemes, we and Serco will use the first month of operation to learn more about how Londoners engage with the scheme, including patterns of use, how we can best support customers and to enable the scheme to bed down."

Chief exec of Serco, Tom Riall, added: “We are pleased that so many Barclays Cycle Hire pioneers have signed up in the first few days, enabling them to hire a cycle from Friday July 30th. We are working hard to ensure a successful launch for this unique scheme. The cycles and docking stations of Barclays Cycle Hire are already becoming an attractive and iconic addition to the streets of London.”

*Johnson made this comment on Sunday July 25th. TfL has subsequently stated that 4,500 people have signed up to the scheme. 1,700 signed up in the morning of launch.

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