Quartet honoured for helping grow the brand in 2015

4 bike shops scoop Marin Dealer awards

Distributor Paligap has named its 2015 Dealers of the Year for Marin bikes.

The award recognises the four dealers that have represented Marin with the most success in 2015 and that have helped to grow the brand in the UK.

The awards went to:
Overall dealer of the year: Dean Forest Cycles
Biggest growth: Wheelies
Pavement dealer: Edinburgh Bicycle Coop
MTB dealer: Cycles UK

“We work with some amazing and proactive dealers and we’d love to give them all an award for their hard work with Marin," said John Oldale, Marin brand manager for Paligap. "The businesses we’re celebrating have really gone the extra mile to provide great customer service and to help to grow the brand in the UK. It’s great to see their customers recognising this hard work and investing in them and in Marin.”

The distributor added: "2016 will see Marin continue to re-establish its place in the UK as a top quality, performance brand. A new range will launch later in the year which is set to offer great off-road, gravel and pavement options. There will also be a Marin / Stans No Tubes race team that will compete at the British Enduro Series and Enduro World Series and a demo fleet that Paligap will use to introduce customers and dealers to the bikes first hand."

Alex Clayton of Dean Forest Cycles said: "It’s really nice to have our hard work rewarded and to be recognised for our efforts as an independent bike shop. The Marin brand gives our customers great value and great performance."


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