Five SKUs available, covering road racing, climbing, sprinting and time trials

3LC launches Mark Cavendish training DVDs

Three Legs Cycling (3LC) has released five training DVDs today, all pitched at the cycle market.

Featuring the likes of Mark Cavendish and Pete Kennaugh, the DVDs focus on separate elements of riding; sprinting, climbing, road racing, time trial and ladies road racing.

Peter Kennaugh Senior, 3LC head coach, Rob Holden, 3LC trainer, and Steve ‘the Pocket Rocket’ Joughin, 3LC trainer and ex-pro rider also feature on the DVDs

Kennaugh Senior said: “All 3LC training sessions are simple to use and based on cadence and Rate of Perceived Exertion – therefore the difficulty is in your hands. If the session is too hard, knock it down a gear – too easy, get that gearing up. All you need is a turb trainer, rollers or an exercise bike and you’re good to go.”

You can find out more about the new range from the Isle of Man-based firm at the official site:

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