WaveCrest Laboratories is demo-ing its TidalForce M-750 at the National Summit on Security 2003, Washington, D.C., October 1st-3rd. WaveCrest's chairman is Wesley K. Clark, the former general, now a Democrat candidate for President of the US.

30mph electric bike displays at major US security expo

The TidalForce M-750 is available for test rides at the ISC Expo Event, and expo staff are also whizzing around on them for basic transportation.

"The Tidal-Force M-750 is a new high-tech tool for security professionals," said Chris Washburn, vice president of light transport for WaveCrest.

"This bicycle provides powerful individual mobility with low heat signature and no noise signature, rendering it virtually undetectable. With the electric assist, security officers can quickly apprehend suspects in pursuit situations, patrol larger areas for longer periods of time, and carry more equipment and supplies without fatigue."

Powered by the WaveCrest Adaptive Motor system, the TidalForce M-750 delivers the sort of power and speed that would not be allowed in Europe. WaveCrest’s elecric motor does not use gears or a transmission, but relies on computer algorithms to maximise torque.

In April 2003, Gen. Wesley K. Clark, USA (Ret.), joined WaveCrest as chairman of the board. A leading military strategist, trainer and technologist, Gen. Clark provides leadership and direction for the company’s business goals and objectives. Founded in January 2000, WaveCrest has received five patents for its adaptive motor technology and has several dozen patents pending.


And check out this New York Times link for more info on Wesley Clark and his aims to get soldiers onto his leccy bikes:


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