Distributor Fisher sounds the alarm

300 Tacx trainers stolen, shops urged to be wary of suspicious stock

Shops contacted and offered Tacx stock of electronic trainers are being urged to be on their guard.

On Monday 24th November a lorry transporting Tacx trainers was broken into en route from Felixstowe.

299 trainers were stolen:
T2000 – Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer
T2200 – Tacx Flow
T2400 – Satori Smart

All of the trainers are traceable and the serial numbers have been sent to the police.

The i-trainers are specialist units and the new Satori Smart is in limited supply, only being available for the last two weeks.

Distributor Fisher is asking all cyclists, cycle stores and any other interested parties to contact them if they have any information regarding stock or had any contact from suspicious parties.

Please contact the firm on 01727 798 365 or customerservice@fisheroutdoor.co.uk or Essex Police.

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