TfL report shows that Londoners want more to be spent on cycling.

30% of Londoners say there’s not enough investment in cycling

Transport for London has released a report that reveals that 30 per cent of all Londoners believe too little is being spent on cycling in the UK capital. Based on data collected prior to September 2015 – in other words before most of the current crop of fully-protected Cycle Superhighways were opened – the "Attitudes towards Cycling" report adds that 18 per cent believe there’s too much investment in cycling.

“Attitudes towards Cycling” has been published annually since 2005 and is a survey of 2000+ Londoners, conducted online and by phone. 

The report reveals that 18 per cent of Londoners now cycles – that’s nearly one in every six residents, and the great majority cycle at lease once per week. Sixty-one per cent of people cycle to keep fit and that the joy of cycling is a major incentive for 53 per cent of those who cycle. More than half of those who cycle do so to save money.

Cyclists also cite the improved cycling infrastucture as a reason for cycling more. The report also reveals that more than eight in ten Londoners report they have not been a victim of cycle theft in the last couple of years, although four in ten say that concerns about bike theft put them off cycling.

“Attitudes towards Cycling” reveals that over half of Londoners have household access to cycles, and that almost nine in ten are able to cycle.

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