2Pure announces reduction in KT Tape price structure

2pure has announced a new reduced price structure for kinesiology tape brand KT TAPE in the UK.

Recent changes to the distribution structure and sales strategy at KT TAPE have resulted in the re-positioning of the product line up to make it more approachable for consumers and dealers alike.

2pure brand manager Mark Downie said: “The best-selling and unique ‘Pro’ now retails for £22.50 and Cotton at £15.50 with a variety of colours and Limited Edition runs throughout the year you can order your customers the best choice in store and on line for drug free pain relief from a variety of sports injuries.”

KT TAPE director of sales Derek Voit added: “Here at KT TAPE we have recently reviewed our international distribution and are partnering with 2pure in the UK exclusively to continue and replicate the success we have worked hard to achieve in the USA. We have an exciting product road map ahead, and we see the UK as a key global market for our brand.”

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