...but only one per cent would give cyclists more room when overtaking

25% of motorists would drive more patiently to boost road safety

It is Brake Road Safety Week (Nov 23rd to 29th) and to mark the occasion a new survey has polled motorists on what one thing they’d do to improve road safety while driving.

The survey, carried out by Gorkana for Venson Automotice Solutions, found the top answer was ‘be more patient’ (24 per cent) with ‘‘giving themselves more time for journeys’ coming second (20 per cent). 

Driving slower in bad weather was third highest answer (15 per cent). Coming below ‘paying more attention to other road users’, sticking to the speed limit and not tailgating was ‘giving cyclists more room when overtaking’, which got a measly one per cent of the vote – though to be fair the survey does seem to have offered motorists just one answer and that low score for overtaking cyclists should be seen in that context.

Venson’s survey also found that 75 per cent said they would, occasionally, leave their car at home to cut pollution. This year’s Brake Road Safety Week is asking everyone to ‘drive less, live more’ and encourage everyone to consider walking, cycling or using public transport instead of jumping in the car.

Samantha Roff, MD for Venson Automotive Solutions, said: “BRAKE Road Safety Week offers motorists and other road users a time to reflect on the small changes they can make to boost safety for everyone. It’s clear that people are willing to make some changes to help make the roads safer and cut pollution. Sometimes it’s the little things we do that make the biggest difference.”

BRAKE Road Safety Week is pitched as the UK’s biggest road safety event, involving thousands of schools, organisations and community groups every year.

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