Did you know you can make your Mac, PC or PDA calendar progams sync with the trade dates supplied by BikeBiz.com? When we make a change to the dates, this is automatically updated on your machine, saving you the trouble of researching the dates, finding the show websites and keeping up-to-speed with show clashes.

2005 trade show dates may clash, but your PC or PDA need not

The online calendar can be accessed here:


Watch the fireworks fly as the overlapping dates make would-be exhibitors incandescent with fury.

The calendar on BikeBiz.com is read-only. For an interactive, calendar-graphic version of the dates below, go to http://ical.mac.com/…/CycleTradeDates2004

You can ‘subscribe’ to this calendar if you use PC, Mac or PDA programs such as MS Outlook, iCal or Mozilla.


Mac users: http://www.apple.com/ical/

Microsoft Outlook 2000 or later – http://www.microsoft.com/…/default.mspx

Mozilla Calendar – http://www.mozilla.org/…/calendar

Outlook Express doesn’t support iCal and Outlook 98 uses a different format.

iCAL TIPS BY: http://www.aegisdesign.co.uk

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