Britek tyre is a big idea, but is it a clever one?

$1,500 Airless ‘suspension’ bicycle tyres now for sale

The wheel has been re-invented once more thanks to Britek’s ‘Energy Return Wheel’, a new tyre concept from US inventor Brian A Russell.

Britek’s unique cut out design boasts a number of qualities, most notably it’ll be impossible to puncture. Claiming to go beyond the usual suspension of a traditional tyre, the now patented concept is perhaps best suited to dry weather. 

Made up of two layers of rubber, adjustable rods and a series of elastic cushions, the company has considered adding a thin sidewall to prevent mud build up within.

The current price tag of around $1,500 a set places these out of reach for most of us, but if your forte is building one of a kind touring bikes, the technology may interest.

Other options on the market for those who like their wheels to have a little extra quirkiness include the Loopwheel, puncture-proof Tannus Tyres, or even the old-fashioned BMX classic Skyway wheels, available via Avocet Sports.

 Check out the Britek tyre below:

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