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‘Lumicycle is fighting back’

After 10 years in the cycle business, light manufacturer Lumicycle is planning to reclaim its position as a innovative market leader.

Back in 1997 the firm introduced simple, effective halogen lights. The firm’s Jon Handley told BikeBiz: “Times move on, though, and with the advent of high-power LED technology other brands have moved to the fore. But now Lumicycle is fighting back.”

“The new 850 Lumen LED3 and 1120 Lumen LED4 are two cracking little systems that are bristling with technology that will give the opposition a run for its money.

“Hard experience has taught that trying to scrimp or cut corners doesn’t work. What people want most in a bike light is reliability.”

Such is the firm’s reliability that London’s emergency services have commissioned Lumicycle to create bespoke lights.

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